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Note for Contributors

  1. Please submit the article for consideration in both digital file format (Microsoft Word) and on paper (two copies), either in Chinese (approximately 30,000 characters) or English (20 pages). A title and a one-page abstract of no more than 300 words, with a list of no more than seven keywords, in both Chinese and English, are also required. Please also include author’s real name, the name of the organization where the author works, the author’s job title/position, and contact information (address, telephone number, or email address)
  2. Obtaining permission to use third-party copyright material, such as citations, illustrations, and/or charts is the responsibility of the author. The Quarterly takes no responsibility for infringements on intellectual property and other related laws. All images of objects at the National Palace Museum must be credited as follows: "Collection of the National Palace Museum".
  3. The Quarterly only accepts submissions that have not been previously published formally in any manner (those posted on the internet are considered published). Please do not submit to multiple publishers.
  4. So as to conform to the Quarterly’s format in style, layout, and plate captions, the Quarterly’s editors retain the right to make any adjustments to the submitted articles approved by the editorial board for publication.
  5. If a submission is not approved for publication, the author will be informed within two weeks of the editorial board’s decision.
  6. No fees or charges are required for manuscript processing and/or publishing materials in the Quarterly.
  7. All accepted submissions are published without royalties or payment. The author will receive two copies of the issue of the Quarterly in which the article is published and 30 offprints.
  8. The moral rights of articles published in the Quarterly belong to the authors, while the intellectual rights belong to the National Palace Museum. All reprints, reproductions, and/or translations are subject to the consent of the Quarterly.
  9. The author of an approved submission agrees to authorize the Quarterly to publish the articles and to grant the Quarterly “free and non-exclusive rights” to further allow approved database operators to reproduce the material for online viewing, printing, and download by authorized users.
  10. Submission
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