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NPM Web Member Service Terms and
Personal Information Collection-Related nformation

The National Palace Museum (hereafter referred to as the NPM) respects the privacy and rights of all those who use its online services. When you log in as a NPM Web Member and use such services as the NPM website and e-Newsletter, the protection of your rights and privacy is of utmost important to the NPM. Pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act and the NPM's personal information protection polices, please take a few moments to carefully review the following terms prior to providing your personal information so that you clearly understand your rights and the means of protection that we employ.

  1. 1.Logging in as a Web Member:
    When you have successfully registered and become a Web Member, we will retain your personal information in our servers. Thereafter, when you later wish to enter the NPM website, all you need to provide is your account name and password, so that you can easily be verified on our part and can quickly use personalized services specially reserved for Web Members such as "e-Newsletter" and "My favorites".
  2. 2.Regarding your personal information:
    The NPM fully respects the right to privacy of our Web members. Therefore, we ask that you carefully read the following concerning our policy of protecting personal privacy:
    • When you register as a Web Member of the NPM, we will ask you information about your full name, e-mail address, and sex. The next time you successfully log in and wish to use our services, your status will be automatically verified.
    • The NPM will not use your personal information in any way not disclosed in its policies or provide your personal information to any third party without your consent.
    • Only under the following circumstances will we provide your personal information to others:
      • (1) Only after receiving your permission.
      • (2) As needed for museum research statistical analysis and visitor composition inquiries, your personal information may be used for academic research purposes only.
      • (3) Web Members have the right to change account information and adjust personal settings.
      • (4) The NPM may at times adjust its policies. When we make major adjustments to the use of personal information, we will make an announcement on our web page to notify all members.
      Please keep your personal information (e.g., account name and password) safe and avoid leaking out the said information. When logging into the NPM website using a personal or non-personal computer/electronic device, please log out or close your browser window whenever necessary to prevent your personal or activity information from being stolen by an unauthorized third party.
  3. 3.E-mail to you from the NPM
    At certain times, the NPM may send e-mail to Web Members based on the e-mail addresses provided to us. For this reason, please make sure that the e-mail you gave is entered correctly and can be properly used by you.
  4. 4.If you have any other questions concerning personal information protection policies or your privacy rights on the NPM website, please feel free to contact us at the following:
    • National Palace Museum
    • 221, Sec. 2, Chih-shan Rd; Shih-lin District, Taipei City 111001; Taiwan
    • Tel: 886-2881-2021
  5. 5.Personal information collection-related information:
    • (1) The unit or department in charge: Department of Education, Exhibition and Information Services, National Palace Museum
    • (2) The purpose of personal information collection: To enable users to sign in as an NPM web member
    • (3) The types of personal information used:
      Identification information:
      C00: Identify user (full name and e-mail address)
      Information category:
      C01: Personal description (sex)

    • The duration, location, individual, and methods related to the use of personal information:
      • (1) Duration: Permanent
      • (2) Location: Within the National Palace Museum
      • (3) Individual: The responsible personnel from the Department of Education, Exhibition and Information Services, National Palace Museum will be responsible for safekeeping NPM web members' personal information for the duration listed above
      • (4) Methods: When NPM web members request to delete or terminate the NPM Web Member services, their personal information will be deleted
      • (5) NPM web members may exercise the following rights pursuant to Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, which is listed as follows
        "The following rights should be exercised by the Party with regard to his personal information and should not be waived in advance or limited by a specific agreement:
        (1) any inquiry and request for a review of the personal information;
        (2) any request to make duplications of the personal information;
        (3) any request to supplement or correct the personal information;
        (4) any request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information; and
        (5) any request to delete the personal information."
      • NPM web members have the right to decide whether to provide the required personal information. However, failure to provide such information will result in them being unable to register as NPM web members.
  6. 6.The NPM has fulfilled its obligations by informing you the aforementioned information. By registering as an NPM web member and submitting your personal information, you acknowledge, understand, and approve the NPM's collection, processing, or using of such information.
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