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A Gathering of Treasures in the National Palace Museum North and South

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Latest Exhibition Changes

Latest Update on the Display of the “Jadeite Cabbage” (Qing Dynasty, 1644-1911)

The “Jadeite Cabbage” (Qing dynasty, 1644-1911) currently exhibited in Gallery 302 of the National Palace Museum Northern Branch Main Building will be on display until Dec. 3, 2023. Starting Dec. 4, 2023, it will be replaced by the “Jade Trio of Ring Symbolizing the ‘Heaven, Earth, Human’” (late-Ming dynasty to early-Qing dynasty).

From Dec. 16, 2023 to Mar. 10, 2024, the “Jadeite Cabbage” will be exhibited in the Once Upon a Tainan Charm: Treasures from the National Palace Museum special exhibition held in the Tainan Art Museum.


Exhibit List

  • Meat-shaped stone, Qing dynasty
  • Jadeite cabbage, Qing dynasty